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Thread: What am I doing wrong? PELASE HELP

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    What am I doing wrong? PELASE HELP

    I have successfully copied 2 games and they work. Now I am trying to make a backup of 007 quantum... and the loader says 'no dvd'. I ripped it though ISO Dumper via wireless connection, verified the size, and burned with imgburn @ 2x setting. I am trying to use TDK DVD-R x16 disks. That is what I used for the other two working games. I dont know what I am doing wrong. Tried 2 times and ended up with coasters. I also installed mCIOS (I think correctly).

    Thanks for the help.

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    The reason why you can't burn it its becose its a dual Layer disk. You must use ImgBun with the dual layer disk option enable.......

    (best way, get a good USB memory stick for faster loading)

    Hope that help

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    i thought that might be the issue. Is there someplace with a updated list of games that are DL?


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