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Thread: Restore System Nand after brick.

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    Restore System Nand after brick.

    Hey Guys,

    I am new to wii modding and this site so please bare with me.

    Ok so last night I was installing homebrew channel and stuff. I had some issues but after a while I got the loaders installed and everything. Then I decided to install preloader problem but then I swa the update and thought what the hay "the newer the better right?" well after clicking it (I know dumb idea) it said "downloading Changelog" and just sat there. I waited and waited and then decided that it froze. So what else do I do other than reboot? WWrong! Then it said my system was corrupted and to consult owners manual. Well I only had preloader and could not get anything to load I could not even load HBC. Well some how today now I can install/use homebrew channel by launching from "install/load file" in preloader. What I dont know how to do now is restore. I can get into Bootmii and I have a nand backup but if I get into restore from nand it says to dangerous because not found on boot 2. I hit abxy and it says "can not mount sd card" -1. I formated it and only put the required files on there (to my knowlage). I just want to go backto the nand backup.

    I am running 4.2 on supossobly lu31 but I cant load bootmii on boot2 so I dont know?

    Any help would be great, My cios is patched and set for homebrew. AND any title deleter does not see ios70 (my os) can I download the wad and install that to get my menus back?
    Thanks guys!

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    if you have some way of installing wads then reinstalling your menu is probably your best idea. Bootmii as ios is fairly useless for brick recovery tbh.

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