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Thread: What Mod chip is the best

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    Us What Mod chip is the best

    I have looked at many modchips Is was wondering what one is the easiest to install, what one will allow me to use back up discs easiest with no swap, how do I use back up game cube games on the Wii?, I read only a select 2 or 3 dvd drives can read Wii games and it takes up to 50 hours to dump a wii game and 1 to 2 hours to burn?, Is buying a premodded Wii worth it and what company is the best?

    Wii Bee
    1.1 Chiip
    1.2 CycloWiz
    1.3 D2CKey
    1.4 OpenWii
    1.5 WiiFree
    1.6 WiiRez
    1.7 WiiD
    1.8 WiiKey
    1.9 Wiinja
    1.10 Wiip
    1.11 Wiip2
    1.12 Wi-ic
    1.13 yaosm
    1.14 Yowii
    1.15 WiiJii PIC 12F629 Test Kit
    1.16 Argon Wii

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    It's always good to do things ...

    If you have D2C get a D2Ckey, if you got a D2B get a cylcoWIZ.


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