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Thread: Modchipped wii backup games

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    Modchipped wii backup games

    I have a wii with a modchip just picked it up, dont know what kind but it is soldered to the wii. My question is what software do I back-up my games with, tried image burn and nero but comes up with the picture of game then when you hit start it goes black screen then I have to power down the wii. Thx in advance.

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    You've probably burnt the game correctly but it seems you are missing the needed IOS to run the game. You need to run Wad Manager via Homebrew Channel and install IOS38, IOS53, IOS55 and IOS56. That should solve the problem. Also remember to the burn the .iso file on High quality DVD-R media (DVD+R is not recommended) Verbatim DVD-Rs are good and burn at 2.4x

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    Does anyone know how to burn Wii games to a dvd-r on a Mac OS X. I really need to know. I don't need to know where to get them or anything like that. Just what program is best and will work, also a tutorial if thats ok.


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