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    I have just bought a 32 GB SD Card, and it works with 4.1 & 4.2. Problem is that wadmanager 1.5 & non of the other homebrew apps will read it either.

    Is there going to be an update for this ?

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    The readme in 1.5 says use IOS250 to install wads. I believe this is only for 4.2.
    Its suposed to support SDHC cards.

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    Hi John,

    The IOS250 is because a true 4.2 has a stub at 249, but my 4.2 is a safe update system so I have a working 249.

    I flashed my nand back to 4.1 and it still wont read 32GB, but the wii will work with the card, I have moved channels to the card and such, but homebrew and wadmanager & usbloader etc all fail to mount the device.

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    Turns out that I had to re-install IOS 70 with DOP-IOS v8 and now games run from the SD card.

    Issues still not solved are :-

    Wads made region free dont play (black screen)
    Homebrew software wont mount a 32GB SD Card (wii sees it and works with the card !!)

    Other than that its working perfect.

    Anyone know whats going on with NTSC to Pal wads and homebrew not mounting 32GB ??


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