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Thread: Drivekey error message

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    Drivekey error message

    I installed my drivekey and get error with disc, without and when pressing eject three times. It can't load backups or originals. When I press the eject button 3x the Dk lights up red but wait 15 sec and error message. Is the drivekey dead or what anyone having same problems, this is the second one i installed my first one worked and both wiis have epoxy on dvd chip.

    Just spoke with a wii repair man and he said problem was the b4 resistor, he told me to solder a wire around the b4 and it should work will try and update later.
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    I have the same problem. I've had my Wii since launch day and I just recently put the DriveKey in it. The problem seems to be with the silver ribbon cable that goes attached to the "Wii" labeled clamp. According to speculation, these silver cables are sensitive to the DriveKey so if the silver ribbon cable looks like it's creased it will probably make poor contact with clamp. The clamps are already flimsy to begin with. what I do is open up my Wii completely every time I wanna play a back up that way there is no pressure on the ribbon cable. Lame... I know... but at this point it seems to be working and it's a snap to do so I don't mind. hope this helps....

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    what does the error message say ?
    what is "dk" short for?

    i only ask because i use a drivekey, and updated to 3.2e without knowing it screws up your backups and was wondering if your havin the same problem as me.


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