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Thread: usb stick vs USB HD

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    Question usb stick vs USB HD

    I have a PNY mini attache 2Gb and a WD passport Essential 500GB.
    I formated the whole PNY device as wbfs and can use the latest USB Loader GX to play my backup of WiiPlay (party pack). However, now that I try to make the same backup onto my WD passport, it won't play. The screen goes black and then nothging, it just hangs. I have to hold the power button on the Wii to shut it down.
    The passport is formatted as partition 1 wbfs = 468GB
    partition 2 fat32 = 32GB

    I can play some games on the WD like SimAgents and Marble Balance Challenge, which works on both USB devices, but just not WiiPlay, which does work on my flash drive.

    I have system 4.0u
    IOS55,53,38 and 249 installed from this site.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    I use a 500GB WD My Passport Essential also and I've never encountered a problem while trying to load Wii Play.

    Is the version of GX your using revision 792 because I've been experiencing problems with some games which worked flawlessly with older versions.

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    Yes I had just updated to USB loader gx r792 when I attached my WD drive. I just updated to 793 and redid a few games and it seems to be working now.

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    either try 793 or go back to 785

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