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Thread: Read First Tips Before Submitting Tutorials

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    Exclamation Read First Tips Before Submitting Tutorials

    Just a few tips before submitting a thread.

    1) When submitting a thread into this forum make sure that the tutorial hasn't already been submitted or posted in the forums. A quick check in the tutorial section can confirm this for you. Also Remember, just because there isn't a tutorial for a certain subject in the tutorial forum that does not mean it hasn't been covered in another part of the forum. E.g if you plan on submitting a 4.2 SoftMod Guide, Make sure there isn't already one. In this case there already is one.

    2) Please don't just copy and paste things. This is known as plagiarism Including a source may be good or/and the name of the authors of the apps used.

    3) Try to make instructions as simple as possible and clear. Explainations can help people understand better. If possible images should be included. Another Example:
    Bad: Run bootmii and make a backup of your NAND.

    Good: Backing Up your NAND with bootmii. To do this if you have bootmii installed as boot2, make sure you have the three files inside the bootmii folder on the root of your sd card, with your sd card inserted into your wii. Turn it on and select the icon with the gears.

    4) Do not advertise sites anywhere in your tutorial (banners etc)!

    5) Just because your recently submitted thread does not appear. Do NOT try to repost it again, staff must approve the tutorial before it becomes visible!

    6) Do NOT Submit your tutorial in this thread or any other, To sumbit your own tutorial make your own Thread in the Submit Article/Tutorial Forum (this forum) by pressing the New Thread Button:

    More tips will be added. Mods feel free to add to this post.
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    Awesome idea, I was wondering why there where so many people with 1 post posting guides to things that where already covered.


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