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Thread: neogamma choppy video in games??

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    neogamma choppy video in games??

    I have neogamma r7 and 2 backup copies of elebits and warioware. both backups lag a little during the intro movies / cutscenes. Is this normal? It is either neogamma or the discs. I burnt both of them with imgburn 1x with dvd-r discs. If it is neogamma is there a new version?

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    It's not necessarily NeoGamma-you can play with the video settings if you like. The problem with choppy or stuttering audio and or video is the DVD spin speed for backup discs. Original games spin at 6X speed, backups on a softmodded Wii will spin at 3X speed. If this happens on a lot of your games, your DVD Drive could be having some problems. One way to get faster load and play speeds, even faster than from an original disc, is to move to an external USB HDD.

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    Ah ok. That makes sense. If a game messes up on me ill just dig up my original discs. Thank you.


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