I'm not sure if i'm going to face issues with other games yet, so far so good.

but two titles I just can not for the life of me get to run properly using a USB hard drive and either Uloader or USB Loader GX.

I'm on system 3.3U. I have the Lastest cios 222/223, 249/250.

The most up to date Uloader and USB loader GX.

What I want to ask is if you currently have these games working, please let me know how you are getting them to run properly.

Heres my problem as well.

Madden 08

Uloader: I have it use the alternate .dol from the disk image, the loading disk spins and spins until it attempts to load alternate .dol. the screen freezes.

USB GX: I have it use alternate .dol I get a black screen with ios reload block on or off, i get a black screen.
If I choose to not use alternate .dol with ios reload block (can't remember off or on) but obviously one crashes at boot because im not using alt .dol, just freezes at the wrist strap screen. The other the game will boot, run, and start up and play fine through the menus, but as soon as i go to do game or training, it messes up during loading and then the screen and sound gets all messed up while it tries to play.


Now with Bully no matter what it just results in a black screen. I'm pretty sure it installed properly.

If you have Bully working properly, can you just send me your settings for how you did it.

Note, I'm an NTSC user.

also I'm pretty sure I have the required ios. Bully uses ios21 and i installed it today just to make sure.