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Thread: Help a newbie with his first delima

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    Help a newbie with his first delima

    Hey guys, Ive been following the TUTs which are great by the way and have modded my 4.1 with HMB and the additional IOS and mods listed here in this 4.1 guided New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii - Page 396

    So I have the following:


    Preloader, with my NAND backed up to SD. Ive done everything in the guide but was stupid enough to intall the CiosCORP IOs because I thought I needed it the way it was worded in the guide.

    So now I am going to get an external USB drive and a usb loader etc and with these other IOs ill be putting in im worried about cioscorp with what ive read. If its working and loading from the system menu should I just leave it alone? OR should I TRY to uninstall it?

    Or should I be doing anything else to prepare for the USB drive?

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    You can uninstall if you wish, Yes its available. The IOS's are modded for a reason I'm sure but original will always be best until your told to update by a new wii need to grow and go with the flow!(eye on the ball as it wer,!!)

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    Rowtrak098..thanks how safe is the uninstaller i got in my email? I mean I had absolutely zero problems with the install process on the TUT, i just wanna make sure...

    Q. Will it afffect the IOS's I have alreayd installed through the TUT? ALso, I kind of like the wii menu loading of thte disc and the neogammer would give me black screens in the past before cioscorp, but it didnt this morning....but i dont know if that was due to the cioscorp being seems to be helping but i guess i shouldnt have it..

    Q. Are there different IOS's for each game? So it doesnt matter how many you have in? in away?


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    1. The un-installer can get dangerous as it overwrites all the IOSs, cIOSCorp installed.

    2. The wii has over 200 "slots" for IOS to be installed. There are different IOS for each game. e.g Super Smash Brothers Brawl would use IOS36 where as Animal Crossing would use IOS38.

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    So once is in leaveit in? so to speak? Tough call....hmmm

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    It is your decision. cIOSCorp may seem user-friendly BUT cIOSCorp is a big mod as it replaces all of your IOS with custom ones which shouldn't have been messed with in the first place. The un-installer replaces all of the custom IOS with the orginals but if one of those were bad IOS that could be a brick.


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