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Thread: Any commerical sofware to backup Wii disks?

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    Any commerical sofware to backup Wii disks?

    My 4.5 years old son loves playing Wii. However, he just damaged a Wii disk after two week playing. The game does not work any more. Now, I'm restricting him from touching the Wii disks. He has to call me to load and unload the disks.

    The Wii games are very expensive, $50 apiece. I'm wondering if there is any commercial backup software available for Wii disks?

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    Why do you ask for a commercial software? There is a lot of free stuff out there and you can find that with using the free search function ....

    - You need Mod Chip.
    - A special LG drive or a SD gecko
    - MAybe the wii unscrambler.
    - A DVD Burner and any software that works with isos.

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    If you do not have any of those, you can always download the backup. Provided you own the original of course (yeah right).


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