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    soft-modded updated with wankinkoko 4.1 updater and has cios rev14 ( 249 )

    bootmii only installs as an ios.

    question. should i definatley install preloader and back up nand using homebrew abd bootmii ?

    cheers guys

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    Whenever dealing with softmodding, you should ALWAYS make a backup of your nand. Also when you install preloader, turn the setting that disables or bypasses disc updates, turn that on. You never want to do a nintendo update especially the newest 4.2 firmware.
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    yes as i have never had trouble installing bootmii as a boot 2 all i need to know is it ok to install preloader with bootmii as an ios

    cheers jas

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    First make sure you install bootmii correctly. Depending on when the console was made, it might get installed as boot2 or ios. Ive heard installing as ios doesnt always work. Ive heard boot2 works fine. If your console was made after october of last year, then you install as ios, and if made before that time, you install as boot2. Also, you should always install preloader. I dont have preloader installed becasue I have starfall installed and I have not had a problem bricking as of yet. Ive been doing this enough and have common sense to know what to do and not to do. Anyways, I dont know how preloader installs but there are guides on here on how to install and use preloader. But yes, have both bootmii and preloader installed.
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