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Thread: newb looking for help with 003

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    newb looking for help with 003

    I bought a Korean wii from HK recently and did the most recent update. Never knew it could make the Wii bricked. I searched around in the forum and don't really understand most of the stuffs. I only knew the seller told me that it's softmodded and it was using a program with a Hulk picture on it.

    Any information regarding what program I was using or anyway to fix it will be helpful. Thank you.

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    You should have known what you can and cant do with a softmodded wii before updating. Nintendo released 4.2 to purposly brick those consoles that are softmodded. What happens when you power it up? Did you by any chance get any sd cards with the system? If so, they might have bootmii on it. Also, see if preloader is installed. When you power the system on, hold in the reset button and see what happens. If nothing happens, then you dont have preloader. Youll have to go get it fixed then.
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    it doesn't come with any SD card. when it starts up, it shows Error:003. i tried holding the reset button while power up, but still the same.

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    Go to the section for bricked wii section only and see if you can find anything. I just read alot of threads where people get these consoles from korea, china, egypt and nothing good comes from them. Sorry I couldnt help you out more. Just go to that section and read. If nothing there helps you, start a new thread in that section.
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