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Thread: hi all my wii is upsidedown

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    hi all my wii is upsidedown

    i use the Guide here and avter that my HB shannel is up side down LOL and the Other mather i hawe that my dvd reader dosent read eanything not ewen orginal disks i am trying to get the ios245 i think it is that shold help me whit my dvd reader but i dont know Can eany body help me ???

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    Havn't needed to do this for awhile.

    Basically need to replace the IOS that HBC uses with a non trucha-signed one DON"T DELETE AN IOS BELOW 200.

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    yes thats my problem how do i fix it ?

    and i am runing 3.4e do i nead to upgrade to 4.1e ?

    and is my dvd damage or is there software i can install to fix it ? i dont get eany error Number it says that it cant read the disc on bakups and orginal disks
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    I modifyed my first post if you didn't notice, I believe you need to replace the IOS that your HBC uses to a non Trucha-signed one.

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    yes i notice now =) Thx maan !!!!

    Eany way you can help me whit my Other probs ?

    sorry fore my baad english

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    Quote Originally Posted by Favs View Post

    like the new one

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    That what Team Twiizers refer to it as. LOL

    I'm not sure how to fix your other problem. Sorry.

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    did the problem happen at the exact same tym the upside down stuff happened?

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    you meen the DVD problem, ??? if so nope i discoverd it after an HBC auto update i said yes to the update then no dvd no more ....


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