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Thread: Can't get Bootmii to launch

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    Can't get Bootmii to launch

    I have installed Bootmii as IOS in version 4.2. It says the intallation was successful but when I try to launch Bootmii from the Homebrew home screen all I get is a black screen. I then have to power down and restart. What am I doing wrong?

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    You ONLY install bootmii as ios if your console is rather new. If your console was purchased before october of last year, then you install as ios. If your console was purchased prior to october of last year, you install as boot2. Your firmware version has nothing to do with how its installed. If yours was installed via boot2, I could help you out more.
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    The wii is very new, less than 1 week.

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    I had this problem as well. Do you have the SD card with the bootmii files still in your wii? Thats the only way i can get bootmii to launch. Now i get bootmii to launch but cant get bootmii to load any files. Hope ive helped you get to this next frustrating point!

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    Bootmii is still on the card along with other apps. Could it be the card?

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    Nothing launches from my card

    All I can do is find savegames on the sd card - nothing else can be found.

    What can I have done wrong?

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    I dont know how bootmii works when installed as ios. I do know that alot of people have had problems with that method. I installed mine as boot2 because I have an older console. My bootmii is on an sd card and the only way to get that to boot up is to have the sd card in the wii and start it up. Youll then be given a few optins, one of which is to load bootmii itself. But then again if you dont have your nand backup saved on the sd card, bootmii is useless. Too many people install bootmii which is only step 1, but never actually backup their nand.
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