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Thread: Put things on SD card?

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    Put things on SD card?

    I'm JDLJDL, a newbie at Wii homebrew and hacks.
    I already have the Homebrew channel, by the way.
    Can someone please tell me how to put programs and games for my Wii onto the SD card via a computer?

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    You need to make sure you have your Wii softmoded which is it sounds like you've done. You'll also need a DVD or ISO dumper which if you go onto YouTube and search for DVD/ISO dumping youll find vid and links to software that you'll need.

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    if you want to put game iso's onto an SD card then get WBFS manager, format the SD to WBFS and use WBFS manager to transfer the games.

    If you want to rip a game from a DVD to you SD card, then get USB loader GX or CFG USB loader, again, these can format the SD as WBFS and dump the game directly to it.

    If you want to put WiiWare/VC games on there, you will need to be on System menu 4.1 for that to work (use waninkoko's 4.1 updater if you need to update)

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    Wow, thanks. You solved my problem!
    Oh, and I live in the PRC, so I can't go on Youtube.

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    Sorry for double posting, but how do I exactly load waninkoko's updater on my Wii?


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