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Thread: If my Wii got "bricked" for using a MOD-Chip, how can i fix it?

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    If my Wii got "bricked" for using a MOD-Chip, how can i fix it?

    Will S how can I avoid it?
    Do you use a MOD for your Wii!
    And is it that the only reason that I will get
    Answer this and i Will give you the "Best answer".

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    That depends on how you bricked it.

    For the purposes of this, I'm gonna tell you about the various different types of brick I'm aware of, which are all caused by playing the "other region" (for example, NTSC) game in your system (in this example, PAL). There's normally no problem, until you try to run a game that requires a higher firmware than the one you're currently using. The game will start to update your Wii, but since it's a different region game, it'll try updating your PAL Wii with NTSC firmware (or vice versa)

    In some situations, people are able to access the Wii menu still. This is good, since they have the best chance of being able to fix their Wii. They can either:

    1) Buy a game that requires a new firmware in their region, so it'll update it to the newest version, over-writing the older firmware.
    2) Wait for Nintendo to e-mail an announcement about a new firmware update, and download it from that.

    In some situations, this second option won't work, since the net can't be accessed in the bricked Wii.

    If you can't get access to the Wii menu (there'll normally be some error message/screen that looks like the INternet Channel/Opera), then it looks like it's a full brick, and you're stuck for the time being, I'm afraid.

    If you'd been more specific in the question (ie how you bricked it, what you'd been playing/using on it, etc), I could have done some more research, but I hope I've helped anyway.


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