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Thread: PAL Games??

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    Question PAL Games??

    How do I get PAL Games to play on my console?I already have some there that play just fine but the last 3 or 4 PAL games I downloaded will not play,only in black and white screen...Is there a way I can get those games to play?

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    What r you using as back up loader ?

    For I, I use the neogamma and changed some of the settings to make it play:

    Use the default console language (or set it to english)

    Change the Video to either "Wii" or one of the "NTSC" settings.

    Cant help you much further than this, since I'm rather new to the wii hacks scene.

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    Hey Begineizer,I made the changes you suggested and it worked like a charm!!!You may be new at this,as I am also new at this,but at least you are willing to try and help someone,which is a lot more than I can say for some of the so called top guns around here...Talk about attitude!!!!Again Begineizer,thanks so very much...

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    At least I got two of them to work.Still not able to get Totally Spies or Wii Sports Resort to work!!!

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    As for Wii Sports Resort, I don't have that one, but maybe this'll help:

    Sometimes, a little research can lead a long way.

    Also, no need to be impatient, people come here and help others on their free time. The ones you call "Top Guns" might be working on a new tutorials that will help 99% of the people (who takes the time to do a little research) in the first place.

    Gald I could help.

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    HI guys, nice to hear about people in the same situation I'm. I have the same problem but trying to play WIIPLAY PAL. I tried searching on most of the threads but no luck. I'm running Neogamma 7 on my 3.4 updated to 4.1 (waninkoko updated) on DVD-R good quality media.
    -If I just load the game without chaging settings the screen flickers up and down, and image shows black and white.
    -I tried different changes (NTSC480p, NTSC480i, WII) with same result Green Screen.
    - Tried other changes (Contry String, Video Patch, etc) in the combinations I could for about 3 hours, result: Black Screen Freeze.

    Does anybody have found the solution or the right setting to load the game on NTSC. I found a modification guide to the game with Wiiscrubber and IOSPatcher but don't know if it worth spend time on it and another coaster to find out it doesn't works with this specific game.

    Thanks al lot to anybody who take the chance to read and can provide with info.
    WIIHACKS Rules.


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