so, i read up and followed the wiihacks guide (supplemented with Azarokz) to install softmod on virgin 4.2u wii.

Problem started with BootMii... through bannerbomb, it gave me the option to install boot2, which it did successfully. but afterwards i could not get it to load. when i reboot the blue wii slot flickers as described, but i've only been able to get scrolling eligible text or a black screen. i can't seem to get boot2 to load to let me do a nand backup. any suggestions?

i had an sd card that wasn't being picked up at all, and switched to one that is at least giving me something (flickering text) I have been able to load wadmanager1.4 through boot2 (turn on console, text flickers, and then boots up wadmangr) which is the next step in the guide i'm following. and to complicate things i continued with the guide only for nothing to really work in the end.

what should i do? can i start over with bannerbomb

since everything else was installing ok, i kept along with the guide, but i can't get the usb loader or neogamma to work.

is it possible to start over after installing/uninstalling all the ios'? can i reformat the wii memory in order to get a proper nand copy? and can anyone shed some light on the boot2 issue, which was the initial problem?

thanks for any help,