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Thread: Wii Fit Plus and Rock Band Beatles

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    Question Wii Fit Plus and Rock Band Beatles

    Hello, I recently got a wii and followed this guide

    Which worked fine and I have been able to play my backups, however Wii Fit Plus and Rock Band Beatles will not launch with cIOScorp 3.4, only NeoGamma R7. For me this wouldn't be a issue, however I am doing the Wii for my sister and mother so would like it to be as easy as possible, Is there any way to get those games working with cIOScorp 3.4??

    Thanks, Cameron

    Edit - I am running 4.1 and both stick on a black screen when loading
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    I'd just show them how to use Neogamma.
    I showed my wife and she remembered how to
    start up her game no problem.


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