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Thread: Identifying drive chip confusion..,

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    Identifying drive chip confusion..,

    I bought my wii recently in september 2009
    serial LU6544....
    so i look it up at drive chip database and this is what is odd...
    the database says its a d3-2 chip but i opened my wii up and now notice that the chip on it says gc2-d2E, from research i find that the d2E drive is suppose to have epoxy but mine DOES NOT,

    so does anyone know what is going on?

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    Drive Database just gives you an approximate idea of what your drive will be. The only way of knowing forsure is opening the wii.

    If it says D2E then believe that and not the website. Not all D2E have epoxy. I have done more D2E installs that didn't have epoxy as apposed to epoxy covered drives.

    You have a choice of any 2nd Gen mod chip or higher if you are looking to have it chipped (wiikey 2, d2pro, d2sun, sunkey lite, drivekey etc)

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