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Thread: wii fit plus

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    wii fit plus

    My wii fit plus arrive today and when i try to play it,a pop up came out saying i have to upgrade my wii system.
    should i upgrade it? will i still have homebrew?
    help me please? and give me easy step by step instructions on wat i should do because these kind of stuff are really confusing and i dont want to mess up my wii.
    i know there are tutorials if i google it,but i read alot of them for the past 2 hours and i dont know which i should use..

    -I used the twilight hack method and downgraded to 3.2U
    -&Installed the homebrew channel

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    please help me..

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    do you have a backup launcher installed? Do you have preloader installed? If yes to preloader, do you have it set up to bypass disc updates? Also, I just took notice you havd firmware 3.2. If you dont have preloader, you can install starfall. Starfall and preloader are basically the same thing except starfall can only be used on 3.2 firmware and preloader has some more features. If you dont have those installed, install one of them and make sure you have the bypass disc update turned on. Then in order to get that game (and any original copy game that requres an update) to work, you need to load it using a backup launcher. But only do that once you have the above stuff installed and set up properly.
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