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Thread: Shocked by a soldering iron?

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    Shocked by a soldering iron?

    So last night i ourchased a soldering iron because i wanted to solder in LED's on my wiimote. but before i tear into my helpless wiimotes i figured it would be a good idea to practice on something else first. last night i soldered some LED"S and other stuff no problem (other then im terrible at soldering) but tonight, when i went to tin the tip i saw a very small spark go between the solder and the iron. it happened several times. is this normal? i hate being shocked!
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    Thats probably not good...
    You did take the batteries out right?

    Other than that, I dont know
    Its possible the wii mote is holding a bit of juice even without the batteries, to save the wii-motes internal memory (you can save stuff to your wii mote)

    Anything happen since then?
    Wii-mote still work?
    Did you finish the soldering?

    (why are you putting leds in anyways? for looks?)

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    he just went to tin the tip of the iron, he did not even get to his wiimote yet. i would get a new soldering iron.


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