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Thread: Quick question - boot2 capable wii

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    Quick question - boot2 capable wii

    Just a quick question...I have 2 wii' is boot2 capable and the other is not. If i backup my nand files on the boot2 capable wii, I am able to restore the system later to how it is now unmodded correct?....."if" that is the case, how do you restore a wii that is not boot2 capable back to its original unmodded state (nand files) when it is "not" recommended to make a backup of nand and/or restore when you are booting from a wii with boot from ios?

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    If you have BootMii installed as an IOS, you may not be able to access BootMii to restore your Wii's NAND depending on the seriousness of the brick. At the moment, I believe, you can not restore your NAND with BootMii installed as an IOS, only create a backup of it. Only users with BootMii installed as boot2 can both backup and restore their Wii's NAND.
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    Thanks for the reply, yeah thats what i was beginning to understand, so lets say i wanted to softmod that wii that doesnt have boot2 capability right, is there no other way to ever restore it to its normal unmodded state later? for example if i wanted to update it later past 4.2, or for whatever reason.

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    Well, you can restore it to its unmodded state in many ways. I searched the forums real fast and found this tutorial by Dogeggs >>>How to remove softmods and make your wii a virgin<<< You can follow this to restore your wii without having bootmii.
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