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Thread: Internet Shortcut channel?

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    Internet Shortcut channel?

    Is it possible to make a channel, that is a shortcut to an online website via the Wii's Opera browser??

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    I dont think so, but there might be a way. It would probably be a waste of time to figure it out though since you can just add it your your favorites list on the opera browser. Making a shortcut channel would save you like 3 seconds of time. Useless, you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so cut some of that time out.
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    ha ha yeah i know it wouldnt save much time... my girlfriend is a wedding photographer and i just thought it would be sweet to have her web site in a channel on my wii menu, with her logo being the banner....

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    although now that i think of it, you could just edit the internet channels banner, and then set the web site as your homepage... or just put it in favorites..

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    ahh, i understand. You could try that, edit the banner and set it as homepage, i believe that would work.
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