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Thread: black screen. Maybe the mod chip?

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    Exclamation black screen. Maybe the mod chip?

    hi, i had my wii mod chipped to play copys and now when i turn it on all i get is a black screen. Any ideas? thanks

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    sounds like its either bricked or bad modchip install, take it back to whoever chipped it?

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    moved away. what if i swap the cd drive? will that work? it really plays up. doesnt turn on with the power button half the time i have to use the eject button to turn it on

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    and when i plug it in the power light goes to yellow and when i hold the power button to start with it flashes from yollow to red and vise versa and i have to keep [ressing it to turn it on unless i use the eject button. and i cant synk a contoller with it


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