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Thread: NTSC /USA games on europe Wii

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    NTSC /USA games on europe Wii

    Hi all

    apologies for my post in advance

    I have not used my Wii for many months as ive been super busy & therefore have not kept up with all the news.

    I want to play Balls of Fury but have seen an NTSC version around, but my Wii is a european one, can i play this version on my Wii or will it brick it.

    The same question goes for Mario & Sonic Oympics, please advise

    thanks a bunch


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    I believe this website may be of relevance to you :-)

    Main Page - WikiTemp

    P.S. You must update your wii with the 1.2 config update and turn region override on. The above website will tell you (under region compatibility list) whether you can play those games with region override on. Good luck !
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