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Thread: emulators and other stuff...

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    Smile emulators and other stuff...

    Ok last night i softmad 4.2e and i am very very happy...

    Now i would love to find out what emulators r for it and what ggoods ones to use...

    I was thinking of downloading Wiibrew browser to do that if thats the right thing to do..

    I am really sorry for asking so many questions but if i stuff the wii wife is going to be pissed...All i am trying to do is save some money thats all....If anything just point me in the right place...

    TIA Paul

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    Thanks Favs i saw this before just wasn't sure it could be used with 4.2e...But i am going to give it a go...

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    There pretty damn safe and shouldn't have any adverse effect on your Wii and I've been using them since I hacked my Wii with the Twilight Hack.

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    Thanks Favs your a champ...I might download the browser that way it can install the stuff it self....

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    Just remember that when you first download them (if using Homebrew Browser), they will need to be loaded using the HBC itself. Now you can change that so that they start up as a channel. That way you dont need to start HBC in order to get them to run. To do that simply go to and search for the channel that you like thats for the emulator. Youll want one that has a dol forwarder in it because if you get a channel that has the emulator application already inside it, it will use up alot of memory blocks. If you need more info, let me know.
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