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Thread: Need help with a number of things (Downgrading)

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    Need help with a number of things (Downgrading)

    First of all, I've been using the Homebrew for a quite a while now but I haven't been keeping up to date with everything so I just want to get back on the ball. It seems that every time I google something or search the forums, it leads me to a very outdated page with useless information, so I figured it would be safest to just start a new thread!

    Today I tried playing the new A Boy and His Blob but when I tried loading it with the Gamma Backup Launcher I got a Blue Error screen so now here I am looking for a solution.

    Getting sidetracked I noticed in a sticky that it says 3.2 is the best firmware to have. I currently have 3.3. I'm wondering how to downgrade and then what IOS's I should install afterward.

    I am also wondering what the latest and most stable backup launcher out there is. My Wii does not have a modchip and is only softmodded with the Twilight Princess Hack.

    If you guys can help me out with some of these problems and get my Wii into tip top shape so I'm able to play A Boy and His Blob, that would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    I actually got the game working with Neogamma R7 and cIOS Revision 14 but I'm still wondering if it's recommended that I downgrade to 3.2.
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    I tried running it on Neogamma R7 and i have cIOS Revision 14 too, but my firmware is 4.0. I've been able to play other games, but not this. I was able to create a save file and then you see the boy and the blob walking on a black screen, then the game errors out and tells me to eject the disc. Wonder what happened or what other IOSs I need?

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    never downgrade. install ioses 53 55 38 instead

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    ^ what he said
    never downgrade I know from personal EXP


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