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Thread: what is the best softmod setup?

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    Exclamation what is the best softmod setup?

    I softmoded my Wii a while ago but now almost all of the games i try to run freeze randomly or don't work at all!

    I am ready to uninstall everything and start fresh.
    What is the recommended system menu, cIOS, IOS, backup loader, etc.?

    I want a Wii that runs backups as smoothly as possible.
    Right now I can't even run Excite Truck or Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games!!!


    someone please show me the light!!

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    Hi jbeme08, i would concider getting yourself an external hard drive. I was getting the same problem as you with my friends wii, it was down to the laser being week from lots of use. Get yourself a hd and you wont look back, no freezing, works realy fast, and looks great - check usbloader gx on youtube!

    If i have helped in anyway please hit the **thanks button**

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    I don't recommend using ANY videos from youtube. Instead use the tutorials from this site. I'd recommend using a USB Loader. To be more specific, USB Loader GX. cIOS38 rev14 is the latest stable cIOS.

    As for system menu, Stay away from 4.2. I'd recommend using 3.2, 4.0 or 4.1.

    If you don't want to buy a USB hdd and want disc loading. Neogamma R7 is the recommended backup loader with cIOS38 rev14. Just Burn your backups on high quality DVD-R media (not DVD+R) at low speeds and you'll be fine


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