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Thread: TECHNOM8T's Guide on how to solve BOOTMII error "dump file from a different wii "

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    Arrow TECHNOM8T's Guide on how to solve BOOTMII error "dump file from a different wii "

    OK so you have done a NAND backup and stored it safely for one of those rainy day's,eventually that day comes and you go ahead and try to restore your NAND with your own backup BUT you receive the error " dump file from a different wii ". This is a well known issue in certain versions of bootmii.

    Don't panic, there is a simple solution using this little programe - DOWNLOAD HERE

    This program does a few basic things :

    1. It checks the keys.bin and patch's it if needed.

    2. It modifies the Nand.bin if available (adding the keys.bin to the end which is what you need for to solve this error).

    3. It will also give you the unique console ID contained in the keys.bin plus a log to keep track what has been done.


    1. Extract Bootmii-KEYFIX.exe to where the keys.bin AND Nand.bin are stored (don't think it matters where BUT both files need to be present in the same folder for this error to be fixed, best keeping both on root of SD card)

    2. Run Bootmii-KEYFIX.exe - This will now auto-patch NAND and fix Keys.bin.

    3. Delete the old keys.bin file and Change the new Keysfix.bin name back to keys.bin.

    4. Insert the SD card in to the Wii and turn Wii on - bootmii should auto boot up
    - press the power button (since wiimote is not compatible with bootmii yet) until the two cogs (settings) icon is highlighted, then press reset to enter this menu.
    - Press reset button again to confirm at the shown screen.
    - Backup should load now - whereas before it would say "dump file from different wii".

    5. After backup file is loaded press the eject button to start installing.

    6. Once it's finished installing go back to main menu of bootmii and press reset (enter) at the wii system icon (or turn power off and on again).

    Your NAND should now be restored.
    Wii Specs:
    4.1E PAL BootMii as BOOT2,Preloader
    cIOSCORP v3.5 ,IOS 249,Latest cMIOS and cIOS

    Cioscorp v3.4 : DOWNLOAD

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate SystemMenu Archive

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cIOS & IOS Archive

    TECHNOM8T's Ultimate cMIOS & MIOS Archive

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    So if my friend has 3.2 nand.bin with BootMii as boot2 i could use that with my keys.bin
    then reload my nand with his?

    if so that would be cool!
    Wii PAL 4.2e
    The Wii has a RVL-001(EUR) model number and is produced for the European market. The copyright year is 2006.

    NOW with softmod thanks guys!


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