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Thread: Wiikey2 and 4.2u

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    Wiikey2 and 4.2u

    Just updated my wii2key Wii to 4.2u and now none of my burned games work...any suggestions??

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    Now even games I bought do not this what being bricked is??

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    You have to soft-mod it for now because there's no solution for it yet. I have the same problem, same wiikey2 and 4.2, and we gotta wait for an update and in the meantime find another way I guess. The instructions to do all that are posted under the Guides. Good luck.

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    Just follow one of the guides for if your already on 4.2 and you didn't use the waninko's safe 4.2 updater.

    I have a Wiikey 2 and softmod, and updated to 4.2 with no troubles.

    I had first just updated the shop channel to 4.2, then I used the Waninko's safe updater

    I already had homebrew channel installed etc, updated of course to the latest 0.6 and Wad manager 1.5

    So yeah my Wiikey 2 works fine, you just can't play other regions with it, which I don't anyway.
    You can use the homebrew backup loaders for that.

    Its always a good idea to find out about the System Menu updates before you do them.


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