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Thread: Since drivekey install dvd rom does not work

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    Unhappy Since drivekey install dvd rom does not work

    Hi guys, i purchased a drivekey modchip and installed it today, once the unit is powered there is absolutely no activity on the Dvd rom at all. Once the Drivekey is removed the rom decides to work again?? Iv checked all / remade all connections on the drive key and cannot get the drive to work, any advice please guys?

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    ive done a few of these without hitch, but the only things i can suggest are, make sure the drivekey is the right way round (it has wii and dvd on it) make sure that you fit the supplied ribbon cable the right way up, make sure there is no obvious damage to the ribbon cable, and that all connections are secure. oh and that the chip is shielded from the chassis with insulation tape. then dont forget to check switch settings, apart from those all i can suggest is that you have a defective drivekey and return it for replacement.

    if ive missed anything else please feel free to add to it.

    If the information ive supplied helps then please dont forget the thanks button.


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