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Thread: Wii arriving tomorrow.

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    Question Wii arriving tomorrow.

    OK - here's the thing -
    My Wii is getting delivered tomorrow - no idea what serial no it will be or what system menu it will have.
    OH is off work, so she will want to play it straight away.

    My question is - will she be able to play (updating if necessary) Wii Sports, Sports resort, Wii fit and Wii Play before I softmod it, without making it more difficult to softmod?
    If the games can be played without updates, I can instruct her NOT to update, but not sure if that's possible.

    Would be so much easier if I could just follow one of the excellent tutorials on here before she got her mits on it, but that aint possible

    Thanks for any pointers.

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    playing those games or updating from them won't make your wii any harder to softmod m8....the only firmware that is difficult to mod is 4.2 so just keep her off the online update.

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    Just don't connect the wii to t'internet before you get a chance to softmod. No 'accidents' that way.

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    Thanks for the quick replies, and putting my mind at rest. I figured they'd be OK, but being totally new to the Wii, better get the advice of experts.

    @Dogeggs - hopefully, you wont hear from me tomorrow, so wish me luck, but you never know.....


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