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Thread: ps2 guitar on wii anyone? and more Hermes cios questions....

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    Us ps2 guitar on wii anyone? and more Hermes cios questions....

    I have a usb converter for my PC that has two outlets for a) n64 controller and b) playstation controller.

    I have a soft modded Wii 4.0U, rev 14, Usb Loader GX.

    I have yet to install the Hermes cios to get the instruments to work when running Guitar Hero or Rockband through Usb Loader GX. But I already noticed that when plugging the USB device into the USB port, having my PS2 GH3 guitar receiver plugged into the Wii, it lights up with the input on the wireless PS2 GH3 guitar.

    Again--I will try the Hermes cios installation soon. But has anyone else tried this? Also, if this doesn't work with a PS2 guitar, (which does seem crazy), what guitar will work with ALL GH games and ALL Rockband games?

    The Wii guitars that claim to be universal look cheesy. I noticed some official Nintendo Wii guitars only work with Guitar Hero games, not Rockband games, and vice versa. Does the Hermes cios 222 fix this compatibility?

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