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Thread: Metroid Prime Trilogy Question

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    Metroid Prime Trilogy Question

    Hello All

    I have a PAL Wii (Australian) using Dogeggs Softmod guide. I use Neogamma R7 to play all my backups.

    Mu Question is ...If i Purchase an NTSC Metroid Prime Trilogy (USA version) from will it work on my softmodded wii through disc channel like a normal original game.

    I know Backups of this game have some problems playing off DVD9 through Neogamma R7...

    Hence that is why I want to purchase the USA version...Also cos the Australian one is more expensive and no Steel cover,

    Thx for the help

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    You said above you have a pal console now. If you are to take the NTSC bought game and run it through your disc channel and the game tried to update your system, you would brick it. If you have any program (starfall or preloader) that will bypass the update, youll need to run that game through a backup launcher because running it through disc channel with the disc update bypass turned on, youll just end up with a black screen freeze. Understand?
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    Yes I understand.
    I never run any of my games through disc channel..always Backup loader.
    Also I have System Menu 4.1
    So I guess it will work then as long as system update is bypassed through preloader or startpatch....



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