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    Do i need to finish this stage to complete 4.2 update..

    The following are really optional and not needed to play backups. Also mind that incorrect use of them might brick you!! so use with caution!!

    D6) You can also now run DOP-IOS MOD v7 to DOP ioses you want dopped (Not really necessary, dop ios70 if wiiware does not run, ios36 if you want startpatch hacks installed):
    From HBC run DOP-IOS MOD. At the ios select screen, default should be 60, change it to 249
    Next screen, select IOSs option.
    Then select the ios you want to DOP.
    select ios70 and press A to install the patches on it *Warning do not do this if you have preloader isntalled*
    After that, you can also DOP ios36
    select ios36 and press A on all three options to enable hacks on it. *Doing this may flip HBC upside down. I think this was corrected on HBC v 1.0.6, if not run DOP ios again and install it without the hacking options by pressing B*
    Mind that you will need an internet connection for this!! If you do not have an internet connection, see appendix.

    D7)After that you can install Startpatch hacks or preloader(not confirmed working, major Brick Danger!!)
    Startpatch is here: StartPatch - WiiBrew Just choose the one of your region. You need a DOPPED ios36 to install it! see previous step.
    Hacks the sysmenu for some things, very helpful, you can turn all that you need on, check the ones you want, region free and block disc update ones are recommended. Make sure you read the whole page.

    To perform an offline installation you must do the following:
    1)Get NUSDownloader HERE
    2)Run NUSDownloader and download the ioses needed by the app you want to run. For Hermes, I am not too sure which version of ioses 38 37 and 60 are used, so DL all of them to be sure . Mind that you sill need to select the version and not use the "latest version" option.
    3)Make sure you dont check the WAD package option.
    4)A folder will be created in the folder NUSdownloader is. Its name should be sth like \0000000X000000XXvXXXX\...
    5)You must copy the contents of the folder in the SD root, but three folders must be created, which should be named after breaking the original folder name like this: root:\0000000X\000000XX\vXXXX\...
    and inside the folder the files of the IOS should be placed.

    EXAMPLE: folder 0000000100000025v3612 should be in the root like root:\00000001\00000025\v3612\...
    Note: I have not programmed or been part of any of these programs, credits all go to them! Team twiizers,bootmii and hackmii guys, comex for his bannerbomb, and all the others that created the various apps for the wii! I merely gathered them in a single guide

    If not i am done i think...

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    I also put disc in and it tells me i have no ciso installed but i have....what am i doing wrong...

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    you obviously do not have a cios... try running cios38rev14 installer again, selecting one of the following:

    ios249, ios250, ios222, ios223, ios202... if none of these work, then steps b and c of my guide again


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