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Thread: i have hbc on 4.2e. need to downgrade to 3.6 any help??

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    Exclamation i have hbc on 4.2e. need to downgrade to 3.6 any help??

    hi im currently on 4.2e, i managed to het hbc on there and i can get it to play games from usb fine but it wont play copyied disks. Im guessings its cause i cant get preloader on there.

    Can anyone help me downgrade to 3.6 please?

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    Please read through what you wrote in the second paragraph and you can't downgrade from 4.2.

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    ok, ill just keep trying to get preloader on there lol. thanks

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    and there is no 3.6. why do you need prelaoder? you *MAY* be able to go back to 4.1 and install preloader, if you install ios60 patched and then install system menu 4.1 of your region (not tested, byou may brick)

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    i cant play copied games on my wii. i was told you need preloader to make the wii read copied games, is that true?

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    you mofo this is not true read the f@#$@#$ guides and stop opening new threads opr i will send you to reading room


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