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Thread: bout to get a wii and use bannerbomb few questions

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    bout to get a wii and use bannerbomb few questions

    long story short got a wii day 1, got it modded with wiikey sold it cause i got bored... mums gonna buy a new one
    now im gonna be using banner bomb and few questions
    1. is it really that easy? i saw the instructions and a youtube vid... all you do is put in the sd card goto sd card option and press yes and thats that?
    2. chances of bricking? i mean always when doing firmware always a chance of bricking but hell ive cfw'd like 5 different psps for friends
    3. after i install bannerbomb is it just like wiikey and i just put in a burnt wii game or do i need to get a program or what
    4. do i need this brickblocker? the wii will be completely brand new so wii it be updated with most games so far or should i just brickblocker all the isos of the games as a precaution?

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    1 never follow tha mustache guide. his guide sucks. other than that yes this is easy
    2 no chances if you folllow the guides here to the letter
    3yes you need som stuff more, and it wont work with disc channel, but with neogamma loader or a usb laoder
    4 it is good to brick block them and regionfree them. does not take more than 30 seconds.

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    can you link me to a full bannerbomb guide for dummies :P lol and how to use usb loader etc

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    everything you need is in the guides section


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