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Thread: Sd card defragment

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    Sd card defragment

    I have a 2gb SD card...... I dont really know how much an ordinary wii would use.

    I was thinking of sticking my Sd card in my lap top and maybe DE-FRAGMENTING it using windows ....would that be ok?

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    Are you intending to use the SD card for homebrew?

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    yes,, i only use 1 sd card.
    ive got my softmod in it and homebrew .
    I was just wondering ,,when we play a game where does the wii save those "saved games"? In the same card?

    Is it ok to use only 1 SD card?

    Thats why im thinking of regularly defragmenting the SD card once i awhile.

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    The Wii saves game data to the Wii memory but you can transfer certain save data to an SD card if you want to free up space.


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