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Thread: Is there away

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    Is there away

    Is there away u can go from 4.2e to 4.1 at all..

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    No from what I've read and I DON'T RECOMMEND IT.

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    Ok thanks

    When uninstalling iso249 wad i get errors of 1017 3 times and something about can i fix this...I tryed installing usb loader and Neogamma and i get errors...WHY...Sorry noobie here...I know i'm close i think...Any help would be great...

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    Have you checked the error guide in the tutorials section?

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    i did that but still not working...

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    alos stop posting new threads of everything....

    favs, what about if you install ios60 patched and then system menu 41?

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    I'm not sure and I'm not willing to try it, I need my Wii working for when I get my WODE.

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    lol for you and your wode

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    True love and the WODE PR (public relations) guys are awesome.

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    marry them.........

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