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Thread: Can I have Backup Launcher and NeoGammer at the same time?

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    Can I have Backup Launcher and NeoGammer at the same time?


    I am new to the scene. My setup:

    - Japan NTSC 3.28 but with Language changed to English by someone (not sure how he did it)
    - Installed with Backup Launcher 0.3. On the menu, it shows IOS249 at the bottom
    - Can play about 80% of the games that I come across (both NTSC and PAL)

    My problems:
    - About 10% of the games encounter either a Green (e.g., Call of Duty: World at War or MySims Racing) or Black (e.g., Truck racer) Screen.
    - Wii Sports Resort shows Error #002

    I would appreciate it greatly if you can shed some light on how to eliminate these problems.

    I am thinking of using NeoGammer. However, I am curious about:
    - Will it kill the current Backup Launcher or will it be in another channel
    - Will it cause problems in other games? My Wii must be able to play some must-have games such as Big Brain Academy, Mario Cart, etc. or I will get no end to some nagging
    - can I still add USB loader later?

    Any advice on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    You can have a number of launchers all working on your Wii without problems. I have NeoGamma, USB Loader 1.5, USB Loader GX, and uLoader all simultaneously on the Wii without any problems. I have also had several revisions of NeoGamma on the Wii, both as apps and as Channels.

    The 002 error is handled by a setting in the newer loaders and is automatically handled in NeoGammaR7, a black screen often is indicative of an IOS that is needed by the game has not been installed, a green screen can be from forcing an out-of-region game or a manifestation of a 002-type of error.

    Reading this might help a little:

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