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Thread: Installing Custom IOS, please wait... >> Installing Ticket... ERROR! (ret = -2011)

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    Installing Custom IOS, please wait... >> Installing Ticket... ERROR! (ret = -2011)

    hello all.. i would love some help on my issue if anyone knows where i am going wrong...

    I have tried to install the files given from youtube

    it seems to be a good package but i have this error come up and have not been able to get a response on how to fix it.
    it occurs around 5:20 of this video.

    if anyone has any info that may be helpful i would really appreciate it! thanks for your time

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    when you downgrade the system will it still show your last version in the options screen.. when i did it it seemed to work and my games say they need to upgrade, but in wii options it still says 4.0

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    Your current firmware version will always be shown. So if you tried downgrading and think you have done it correctly but your firmware version hasnt changed, then it didnt downgrade. You need to remember that eventhough a game prompts you for an upgrade, that doesnt mean it will actually upgrade your firmware. You might already have the most up to date firmware (not saying thats true in your case) but instead it could update some of your ios that are old OR install an ios that wasnt on your system before. Also take a look at our tutorials section. There are alot of guides on downgrading/upgrading which you should look at.
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    thanks jason i'll do that now


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