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Thread: Wii backups?

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    Wii backups?

    My neighbor and I are arguing and I need a vote:
    Besides the legality of backing up software......
    Because a Wii uses DVD type disks can you use your DVD backup program to burn a copy?
    I say "no" he says "yes" but you have to have a iso driver. Honestly, I don't know what that is but I would think that a huge company like that would have thought up a better way to protect themselves don't you?

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    There is no harm of backing up your own property. Distributing copy righted content is another story. If he is backing up just for the sole purpose of having a backup in case the DVD is damaged that's perfectly fine. If he distributes...expect a visit from the FBI LOL.

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    You have the right to creat a backup, but you are not allowed to hack a copy protection. So playing wii-backups is illegal.
    Thats the law in most countries.

    Luckily this board is really a cool place and we can talk about anything. We also talk about anything every day, so please also use the search function for more information.

    To create a backup of a wii game you need a special LG dvd drive because onley they support a sepcial command that is used to read the wii discs.

    The other option is to use a SD gecko and creat the backup on the wii itself because the wii supports this special commands.

    But maybe the creator of rawdump as just lacy, and only has that one drive himself, i dont know.

    When you have created the iso - You get a iso after decrypting or whatsoever the file that rawdump produces. - You can burn it with an DVD burner and any burn programm.

    Most people here recomend Verbatim DVD-R 16x for wii backups.


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