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Thread: download and burning

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    download and burning

    Hi All

    Sorry for the stupid question but I wondered if anyone can help me...I downloaded the mario Olympics game from bittorrent and I wondered how do I put it to disk so I can use it in my wii??

    thanks X

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    You download the *.torrent, then you get a lot of *.rar, *r01 (in most cases), you excract it and get a *.iso (in most cases).

    Now you use nero or any other burning program and copy it to dvd.

    You need a modchip so oyu can play the backup.

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    A good and free burning software is ImageBurn, google it and download it if you don't want to use Nero. Also, it is better to burn it onto known brands of DVD medias such as Vertabim, Maxell and Taio Yuden.


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