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Thread: Nyxquest Help

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    Nyxquest Help

    I was just wondering whether or not someone had found a solution for Nyxquest yet, last I heard it was bricking Wii's left and right.

    I'm Canadian?!?!

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    I have Nyxquest installed as a wad and it has played fine, haven't heard of a bricking issue at all.

    USA wii running 4.1 hard and softmodded.

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    Red face nyxquest

    so, i have also installed nyxquest on my 3.3u.

    it keeps restarting my wii, but i haven't installed ios 53 or 55 yet.

    everything is okay and working so far.

    reading a lot about this game bricking.

    just fighting the fear that if i install the ios i will get bricked even though the game is installed and wii is still okay...

    has anyone else had success with this wad? on a 3.3?


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