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Thread: Korean mod wii update

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    Korean mod wii update

    Hello I am in Dubai, New to wii. I bought one Korean Wii from one reputed supermarket, the OS is 3.1u. so I assume that the wii is modified, despite the fact that I bought from branded supermarket. That time I was not know the wii regional complexities.
    My wii runs both US and Europe games original DVD, I havn’t tried back DVD yet.
    I have trouble running my Wii fit, (PAL) I think I need to update my Wii to minimum 3.2u to rum Wii fit. I need to simply update my Wii from 3.1u to 3.2u without making it brick, how can I do that……

    Wii crashes while running Wii Fit and ends up with back screen

    Anyone PLZ help me
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