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Thread: dvd+r read error 1101 plzz i need help

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    dvd+r read error 1101 plzz i need help

    Hi everyone im new with those things so plz dont insult... so my problem is that my neo gamma r7 (rev 13) dont want to read my dvd+r and say read error 1101, i know that the wii read better the dvd-r but i have a lot of dvd+r and i dont want to waste it, so if u can help, im using maxell dvd+r and my wii is 4.1u i have 3 games uding dvd-r and i want to know how can i play games in my dvd+r

    THANK YOU!!!

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    It isn't an adjustment on the Wii. Some Wiis can read backup disks burned on DVD+R, some Wiis can read backup discs burned on really cheap DVDs, the preference overall for DVD-R is a theoretical one concerning ability to maintain the calibration of the laser. The preference for Verbatim is the darkness of the azo dye layer making it easier to be read.

    For you, right now that doesn't matter as your Wii can't read your DVD+R. You can try different burn speeds try ImgBurn at 4X and then try at 2.4X. Could be your Wii is not one of the tolerant ones and you may truly need to use only Verbatim DVD-Rs.


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