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Thread: what next

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    what next

    Hello every one I hope you all had a good thanksgiving weekend. I have a wii 4.2u and i have followed all the stuff in the 4.2 readme i have installed everything that has been put out. When i try to play my burt game that i downloaded from the net the wii tells me that it can not read my disk. I am getting very frustrated as i have been trying now for a couple days. thanks in advance.

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    use neogamma you noob

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    So, if you have followed you have succeeded into installing a cIOS? Correct?
    In that case, just download NeoGamma R7 by Wiipower.

    And messie, i seriously think that words as "noob" isn't necessary :P
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    oh they are believe me. anyone that has read the least of things related to wii hacking knows that a backup loader channel is needed

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    sorry i am such a noob as you so put it. We all cant be a now it all like you. For your information i have read your 4.2 read me a bunch of times. My problem is when i go and click on neogamma it just gose to a black screen. The only way to get ride of that is to unplug the wii.

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    it says that this is the only way of running backups. if you get a black screen you have done wrong in steps B or C, in that case redo them. Have youread that? it is also mentioned in the guide

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    Sounds like everyones having fun. LOLOLOL FAIL

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    started over again this is what i have done. downloaded hack pac 4.2 and put contents on formated sd card< then i inserted card and installed every thing that was in folder. I then reformated sd card and installed uninstall_stub_3 on to my sd card and then went and put that into machine. Is this right or am i missing some thing

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    I am thinking I have it, but the disk i am using are memorex + that is all i have till tomorrow. Why do only verbatum - works

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